Helping Entrepreneur's overcome the four barriers to growth

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We help you to manage growth & innovation.

We also provide a range of flexible professional support services to help you develop and launch new products.

What we do for your team.
We are committed to utilizing our experience of managing rapid growth and innovation to assist organization to maximize their potential. We reduce costs, motivate teams and assist companies like yours to acquire incremental business, retain customers and lock out the competition.

Independent, Objective, Effective

Overcoming the Barriers
to Growth

The Government funded Growth Accelerator Programme interviewed a large number of growing businesses and asked what they perceived were the main barriers to growth. The graph on this page shows the results.

We have a proven track record over many years of helping business owners break through those barriers facilitating innovation and adding to the net worth of the business. Read more about how we have helped entrepreneur's like you here.

Below is a FREE test you can use to evaluate your approach to growth. Answer these questions honestly then go and ask your key staff the same questions and see how they answer them.



If the answer to ANY of the questions below is NO give us a call on 0800 285 1759 or email us on and we will help you to attain the answers and help you to
implement the changes required for "sustainable growth".

Strategy - Successful companies are proactive NOT reactive

  • Do you have a clearly defined set of Vision, Mission and Values understood and delivered by every member of your team ?

  • Does everyone in the business understand where you are going and how you plan to get there ?

  • Do you review the plans regularly and adjust them as you go ?

Sales - "Nothing" happens until someone signs a contract or places an order

  • Sales Strategy - Do you have a clearly defined brand & do you generate demand ?

  • Sales Management - Do you communicate, educate and motivate your team every day ?

  • Sales Execution - Does every sales person use the same sales execution process and do you supply them with effective sales tools ?


People - Finding them, keeping them and motivating them

  • Do you know where to find them ?

  • Do you know how to keep them ?

  • Do you know how to engage and motivate them ?

Finance - Effective cash management generates funding for growth

  • Do you have three months running costs in hand ?

  • Do you manage your cash flow proactively ?

  • Do you know daily the state of your debtors & creditors ?


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