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A Guide to Coaching


Ever wondered what the difference is between a consultant, a coach and a mentor?

Independent, Objective, Effective

Coaching and your business

Click here to see what two of the most successful business leaders on the planet have to say about coaching. Bill Gates & Eric Schmidt

What is a "coach"?
Coaching, with a professional coach, is the practice of supporting an individual, referred to as a coachee or client, through the process of achieving a specific personal or professional result. The structure and methodologies of coaching are numerous but are predominantly facilitating in style; that is to say that the coach mainly asks questions and challenges the coachee. Coaching is differentiated from therapeutic and counseling disciplines. There are a variety of approaches within the coaching methodology. Coaching is performed with individuals and groups, in person, over the phone and online.

What will a coach deliver?
Clients will receive an initial detailed diagnostic of high growth potential, and benchmarking to compare the business against a number of financial and organizational parameters, which will pin-point barriers to growth and areas where growth can be achieved,

An independent high caliber coach who will be selected specifically to meet the individual company’s requirements. The coach will provide support over an agreed period working alongside the management team to address barriers to growth so that a company achieves its growth potential. The coaching will lead to the development of a strategic growth plan that can be used when the coaching period is finished.

What kind of coaches are available from Andante [UK]Ltd ?

  • We have worked for several govenment sponsored organistions including registered Enhanced External Experts for the Business Growth Service and approved to deliver Business Development Coaching (BDC), Growth Through Innovation (GTI) and Design Coaching.

  • We provide coaching to companies at all stages of development our smallest client has a turnover of less than £100k our largest client has a turnover of £55m both are looking at sustainable growth.

  • We have a long and successful proven track record of providing high growth coaching to a wide range of companies in both the SME and Blue Chip sectors.

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